2020 Songwriting Contest Submissions

Ken Jones – Big Sky

Nick Spear – Tap’er Light

Boston McDonald – Dead Man

Boston McDonald – I’m So Into You

Boston McDonald – Problems

Boston McDonald – Vices

Boston McDonald – Walk Away

Meggie McDonald – Fade Away

Meggie McDonald – New Old You

Meggie McDonald – Convince Me

Meggie McDonald – Dark Knight

Greg Kinder – When The Well Runs Dry

Jimmy Yessian – Uncle Remus Tales

Jimmy Yessian – Mending Scars

Jimmy Yessian – Willie Boy

Karyn Ann – Who You Were

Neil Beddow – Assassin

Neil Beddow – Babble On Babylon

Neil Beddow – No Moral To The Story

Randy Lewis Brown & Richard Paul Thomas – One Horse Town

Randy Lewis Brown – Red Crow

Randy Lewis Brown – Good Night, Good Luck

Bo DePena – The Weed and The Wine

Luke Dowler – Good Enough

Isabelle Stillman – Why Didn’t You Tell Me

Isabelle Stillman – Bo Walker Jr.

Ted Hajnasiewicz – Darlin’What About Me

Ted Hajnasiewicz – My Heart Is In Memphis

Ted Hajnasiewicz – Longing For The Northern Wind

Kim Batzel – Crushed

TJ Overcast – Small Town Prison

Gary T. Cavanaugh – Calling To This Country Boy Again

Gary T. Cavanaugh – A Boy and His Horse

Hugh Phillips – Dancing Blues

Hugh Phillips – Hydrocarbon Heaven

Hugh Phillips – Sunset For A Cowboy

MELA – Looking for Love

MELA – Give It Back

Eric Ramsey – Sharecropper

Colby Acuff – If My Guitar Could Sing

Colby Acuff – What Is Love

Will Kelley – Asleep

Bob Davoli – “Don’t You Let the Darkness Drag You Down”

Bob Davoli – “Dancing on the Moon”

Bob Davoli – “Addicted To The Night”

Bob Davoli – “Huge Swig of the Now”

Bob Davoli – “Kaleidoscope of Maybes”

Bob Davoli – “Dry Soul”

Bob Davoli – “Even Though Autumn’s In Your Eyes”

Bob Davoli – “Romancing the Ruins”

Bob Davoli – “Transistor Radio and Me”

Bob Davoli – “Waxing Poetic”

Bob Davoli – “What I Remember Most”

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