Master Class for Songwriters

Master Class for Songwriters

EVERYONE has a story to tell, and a unique voice with which to tell it. The trick is to uncover your own unique voice in order to tell that story with a truth that connects in an original way.

Our Master Class for Songwriters in held in conjunction with our Whitefish Songwriter Festival, September 17-19, 2020 in Whitefish, Montana.

In this 2-day Master Class our instructors will work with 20 students of all levels to help them clarify the aim of their writing and discover their own, unique voice.

We will begin the class with an inspiring conversation that will give you new tools to put in your songwriting toolbox. After that we’ll get down to the business of writing and working on your songs. You’ll be able to share whatever you’re working on—even if it’s just lyrics—and as a group we’ll offer support. We will suggest how to make a song stronger, find the melody to support it, and how to get to your truth and unique voice.

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