Since 2016, the Red Lodge Songwriter Festival has brought together hit Nashville Songwriters and the best songwriters from Montana to perform and network with each other in the mountain community of Red Lodge.

For three days the streets, bars, cafes, and parks of Red Lodge become a gathering place for songwriters from Montana, Nashville, and around the country. This is the place that displays songwriting at its highest level in the amazing setting of Red Lodge, Montana. Park benches, bar stools, motel lobbies, and parks all become picking sessions.

 The Red Lodge Songwriting Master Class provides a unique approach to songwriting education; intensive workshops led by great instructors and guest Nashville hit songwriters. Whether you are a beginner or professional songwriter this school will fit your interests and expand your songwriting abilities. Space is limited to 25 students so register soon to ensure your place in the 2019 Workshop!

The songwriting Master Classes will be held over two days Thursday 6/20 and Friday 6/21.

Thursdays session will include:

  • Anatomy of a Song.
  • A Songwriter’s Toolbox.
  • Overcoming Songwriting Obstacles.
  • Collaborative Songwriting Techniques.
  • Among other topics
  • The final assignment of the day will be Three cords and the truth songwriting challenge. You will be paired with another student and your assignment will be to write a song using three cords assigned in class. We will provide you with a list of coffee houses, bars, parks and other places to write.  Students will  spread out all over town to collaborate and write their songs.

Fridays Master Class will be for you and your partner to present your song to your class for critique and ideas. Guest Nashville instructors will help in this critique and sharing of ideas.

Class Schedule:

  • Thursday 6/21, 9 am – 12:00 pm
  • Friday 6/22, 9:00 am  – 12:00 pm

Tuition: $295.00

Your tuition includes:

  • Enrollment to all workshops
  • Song submission in songwriting contest (1-song)
  • Multi-day Ticket to Nashville Songwriters in the Round shows, Friday and Saturday.
  • Songwriters Toolbox
    • Circle of fifths
    • Rhyming dictionary
    • Songwriting Journal

For more information call Mike at 406-690-5988 or email at

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