Eric Richard Stone

Three single tracks from Eric Richard Stone’s upcoming release capture the spirit and breadth of talent in his songwriting craft. “Fire Waterfall & Wave” is a meditation on the daily beauty that surrounds us. Captured live in-studio with artful accompaniments, this hauntingly beautiful melody surrounds the soul with imagery of a night under the stars staring at a campfire and waves crashing on the beach. “Love So Fast” is a goofy love song lamenting the modern world of dating apps and sharing a love-at-first-sight story. “Give It A Name” is an anthem for anyone who has suffered, or is suffering from depression but fears the stigma of seeking the help they need.
Whether it’s performing solo, or with his band, “The Witness Protection Program” (Tom Hall – mandolin, Patricia Wolter – upright bass); small venues or at festivals like “High Mountain Hay Fever”, Stone’s impassioned music is captivating. Stone’s previous release “Circle Round The Sun” (Available at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, .

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