The Red Lodge Songwriter Festival is a volunteer organization. The efforts and hard work of our volunteer staff make our event and organization successful. If you are interested in being a volunteer review the following positions and contact us.


Administrative Support

This position is an annual position. Some weeks there will be nothing to do, other weeks there will be a lot. Hours will vary from 0 to 5-10 hours per week. The week leading up to the festival will be 20-40 hours and 10 hours per day during the festival.

Responsibilities include:

  • Researching retail outlets
  • Preparing mailings
  • Touching base with sponsors
  • Making phone calls
  • Proofing letters and emails
  • Sending out invoices
  • Maintaining event resume in excel/Google works
  • Sending out facebook posts following a content calendar.
  • Other things that come up


On-sight support during the event

We need a host of people to help with support during the event. We will assign duties based on abilities and availability.

These duties include:

  • Ticket sales
  • Merchandise sales
  • Security
  • Clean Up
  • Setting up banners & staging
  • Setting up and breaking down sound at the various venues
  • Doing errands during the event


Merchandising/Ticket Management (filled)

This is a key position. The week leading up to the festival will be 10-20 hours. During the festival 10 hours per day. Success will be the sale of the majority of event merchandise and the accurate accounting of payments and inventory.

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing Inventory
  • Displaying merchandise and tickets
  • Managing cash & Credit card sales
  • Managing Staff
  • Schedule enough staff to do the job


Sound and Stage Management for local venues (filled)

This is a key position. If done well the local artists will be able to plug in and play. Success will insure the shows run on time, the artists can concentrate on playing and the audience is entertained.

Responsibilities include:

  • Setting up Sound
  • Securing Sound between shows
  • Setting up and breaking down stage/seating
  • Staffing and managing help in order to fulfill the job

To sign up for any of these positions call Mike at 406-690-5988 or email at